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A Tale of Two Services – Links

Here are reference links from my presentation, “A Tale of Two Services” NoSQL-related: Windows Azure Table Service Amazon Web Services SimpleDB Oracle Berkely DB Redis MemcacheDB Hibari Project Voldemort Riak GT.M Apache CouchDB MongoDb Raven DB Google Bigtable Apache Cassandra … Continue reading

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The Most Common Problem(s) – Mark’s Rant

I can’t print! I wish I had a dollar for every time I had to help a person with a printing problem. I can’t find my file. “I know I saved it somewhere, but I don’t know where and I … Continue reading

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A Contact is a Contact (is a Contact…)

Contacts are at the heart of every business application that I have worked with. Whenever I start work on a new application for a client, the first thing I have to plan for is the migration of contact data from … Continue reading

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Mark’s Manifesto

I have collected some baseline principles that guide my software development process. The Requirements Principle: Requirements are never  _____ (fill in the blank) enough. Most clients are of the “I’ll know what I want when I see it.” variety. By … Continue reading

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Adventures in NoSQL Land

I first got interested in NoSQL databases from a May, 2010 article in MSDN magazine. This article started me on a quest to learn more about the potential of using different databases other than relational databases like MS SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL. … Continue reading

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InfoTrail – Backgrounder Part2

(continued from InfoTrail -Backgrounder Part1) Foundations of InfoTrail InfoTrail modules are built on the shoulders of the works of many others, so let’s review some of the seminal works that are being used and evaluated: The Zachmann Framework – This is … Continue reading

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InfoTrail – Backgrounder Part1

What is InfoTrail? Trails End Systems’ product line, InfoTrail, is based on the concept of a software factory that creates software products and services from application modules that can be assembled, configured, and used for a variety of information technology solutions. Decisions, decisions Let’s look at some major … Continue reading

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