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A Tale of Two Services – Links

Here are reference links from my presentation, “A Tale of Two Services” NoSQL-related: Windows Azure Table Service Amazon Web Services SimpleDB Oracle Berkely DB Redis MemcacheDB Hibari Project Voldemort Riak GT.M Apache CouchDB MongoDb Raven DB Google Bigtable Apache Cassandra … Continue reading

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The Most Common Problem(s) – Mark’s Rant

I can’t print! I wish I had a dollar for every time I had to help a person with a printing problem. I can’t find my file. “I know I saved it somewhere, but I don’t know where and I … Continue reading

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A Contact is a Contact (is a Contact…)

Contacts are at the heart of every business application that I have worked with. Whenever I start work on a new application for a client, the first thing I have to plan for is the migration of contact data from … Continue reading

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Mark’s Manifesto

I have collected some baseline principles that guide my software development process. The Requirements Principle: Requirements are never  _____ (fill in the blank) enough. Most clients are of the “I’ll know what I want when I see it.” variety. By … Continue reading

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